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About CU+

CU+ (Circuit U plus) is an Apps designed to promote health for people living with HIV/AIDS in the setting of Hong Kong. The Apps is developed by researchers affiliated with the Stanley Ho Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (CEID), the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Scientific information is presented in this Apps, which is drawn from local and overseas sources specializing in HIV care. Special reference is also made from the 4th edition of the Hong Kong HIV Manual, a professional online resource developed by the same research team. Registered users can keep updated on various aspects of health maintenance for people living with HIV. To tailor to the needs of individuals living with HIV, CU+ provides an interactive platform for performing health assessments. After registration, selected individual-level data can be uploaded for monitoring health status and to obtain personalized advice relevant to specific health issues.

The main sections of CU+ are: (1) The particles and Body Deference, referring to the implications of HIV viral load and CD4 count; (2) ARV, on the use of HIV medicines; (3) Health, covering assessment of health risks – body weight and fat, cardiovascular diseases, kidney functions and bone health; and (4 Mindset, on mental health.

From time to time, CU+ presents new information on advances in HIV medicine, and provides linkages to new research finding which may be useful reference to people living with HIV in Hong Kong. The new information would be uploaded at the “What’s New” section.